Haruspex, The Shadowed Heart

Haruspex [Abyssal Manse 5]
Stylized 鼠 (mouse) on the Door

Greater Veil of Shadows (Even noticing the door into Haruspex is almost impossible, most people have seen the building which serves at the entrance hundreds of times and never remember it, or even question why it is there or what it contains)
Wyld Revocation, Puzzle Manse, Password Control (Wyld Revocation combines with Puzzle Manse to create an ever shifting maze of nonsense, physics often fail or change as you walk through the structure and only by reciting a lost poem, via password control, can you make your way towards any specific room in any normal fashion)

Ice Gem (Hearthstone 4)

Owned by Najla
Location Downtown Tiber Pass, entrance in a warehouse no one ever seems to notice

Tiber’s Lament

O Muse! the causes and the crimes relate;
What goddess was provok’d, and whence her hate;
For what offense the Queen of Heav’n began
To persecute so brave, those just a man;

Expos’d to wants, and hurried into wars!
Can heav’nly minds such high resentment show,
Or exercise their spite in human woe?
She against the Tiber’s mouth, but far away,

Nor thus confin’d, the yoke of sov’reign sway
Should on the necks of all the nations lay.
She ponder’d this, and fear’d it was in fate;
Nor could forget the war she wag’d of late

Besides, long causes working in her mind,
And secret seeds of envy, lay behind;
Deep graven in her heart the doom remain’d
Of partial Yu’shan, and her form disdain’d;

And now the latter watch of wasting night,
And setting stars, to kindly rest invite;
But, since you take such int’rest in our woe,
And Tiber’s disastrous end desire to know,

And curs’d the direful author of my woes.
‘T was told again; and hence my ruin rose.
Then flaming meteors, hung in air, were seen,
And thunders rattled thro’ a sky serene.

Now peals of shouts come thund’ring from afar,
Cries, threats, and loud laments, and mingled war:
The noise approaches, tho’ our palace stood
Aloof from streets, encompass’d with a wood.

Louder, and yet more loud, I hear th’ alarms
Of human cries distinct, and clashing arms.
But mount the terrace, thence the town survey,
And hearken what the frightful sounds convey.

Thus, when a flood of fire by wind is borne,
Crackling it rolls, and mows the standing corn;
Sweep o’er the yellow year, destroy the pains
Of lab’ring oxen and the peasant’s gains;

Unroot the forest oaks, and bear away
Flocks, folds, and trees, and undistinguish’d prey:
New clamors and new clangors now arise,
The sound of trumpets mix’d with fighting cries.

As flames among the lofty woods are thrown
On diff’rent sides, and both by winds are blown;
An undistinguish’d noise ascends the sky,
The shouts those who kill, and groans of those who die.

Haruspex, The Shadowed Heart

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