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  • Tal'Yasha

    The Tal'Yashian's also called Abyssin are group deeply religious nomadic desert tribes who worship the Sun Arisen from Death who they call Ahura. They are very insular and not a lot is known about their traditions outside of their traveling priests who …

  • Rok'ta

    Rok'ta is a less a city and more a collection of ragtag survivors who happen to have found a place to dig in, the jungle is harsh and they are under constant assault from their feral brethren but the spirit of the Dragon Kings cannot be broken and they …

  • Chi'n

    Chi'n is a breakaway nation with the An-teng empire, they have been fighting to establish the right to a more balanced less caste oriented system of living where rewards don't only go to those with family connections and common man isn't a small step …

  • Sha-rulan

    *Cities of Note* Sha [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital) Tuo [Magnitude 2 City] Eru [Magnitude 2 City] Yao [Magnitude 2 City]