Tag: East


  • Golden Iris

    The Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent is the dominating magical power within the 4 cities collectively known under the aegis of the Golden Iris, it's powerful sorcerers even within the seemingly mundane population have scholars wondering if there …

  • Rok'ta

    Rok'ta is a less a city and more a collection of ragtag survivors who happen to have found a place to dig in, the jungle is harsh and they are under constant assault from their feral brethren but the spirit of the Dragon Kings cannot be broken and they …

  • Tiber Pass

    Most of Tiber Passes cities are cities built on cities, the ruins in and around the Tiber Pass region of the Great River are full of ancient first age and shogunate era ruins, most of it well picked over by scavengers. What originally started as groups of …

  • Sha-rulan

    *Cities of Note* Sha [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital) Tuo [Magnitude 2 City] Eru [Magnitude 2 City] Yao [Magnitude 2 City]