Tiber Pass

The Merchants


Tiber Pass, a Magnitude 3 Dominion [Merchant Guild]
Military: 1 [Small Defense Force]
Government: 4 [Strong Guild Laws]
Culture: 2 [Strong River Culture]
Awareness 2 [Guild Spies +2] [Affiliated Spies Everywhere]
Bureaucracy 1 [Merchants Guild +3] [Strong Guild Laws]
Craft 3 [Strong Merchant Class]
Integrity 2 [Guild Oaths +2] [Binding Oaths and Criminal Enterprises]
Investigation 2 [Internal Policing]
Occult 1 [Weak Magical Upbringing]
Performance 2 [Merchant Diplomats]
Presence 1 [Open Markets +2] [Impressive Merchant Infrastructure]
Stealth 3 [Guild Spies]
War 0 [Encamped Defense +3] [Local Guards]
Compassion 1
Conviction 5
Temperance 2
Valor 2
Virtue Flaw: Conviction
Current Limit: 2
Willpower: 7
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points: 9 [River Traders]

Bonus Points Spent On:
Specialty in Awareness [2 Points]
Specialty in Bureaucracy [3 Points]
Specialty in Integrity [2 Points]
Specialty in Presence [2 Points]
Specialty in War [3 Points]
Second Dot of Integrity [4 Points]
Second Dot of Awareness [4 Points]
Forth Dot of Government [4 Points]

Resources of Note:
Soft Wood
Hard Wood
Iron Ore
Game Animals
Herd Animals
Farmed Grains
Silver [Traded]


Most of Tiber Passes cities are cities built on cities, the ruins in and around the Tiber Pass region of the Great River are full of ancient first age and shogunate era ruins, most of it well picked over by scavengers. What originally started as groups of scavengers eventually turned into a small trading alliance, banking on the lucrative mountain pass guarded by Tiber Pass City. Eventually Tiber Pass gained the notice of the Guild who attempted to take control of the nation through underhanded means but only managed to get a foothold in the nation, but a strong one, they run most of the criminal dealing and slave trade in the Tiber Pass region, and the current head of the Merchant council is an adjunct of the Guild. Also both Lookshy and to a lesser degree the Realm have their eyes on the region due to it’s high density of ancient structures.

Cities of Note
Tiber Pass [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Port Tyne [Magnitude 2 City]
Dubris [Magnitude 2 City]
Burgh Fortress [Magnitude 2 City]

Tiber Pass

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