The Fallen


Rok’ta, a Magnitude 2 Mostly Supernatural Dominion [An Autocratic Oligarchy]
Military: 2 [Large Defensive Force]
Government: 2 [Rule by Challenge]
Culture: 1 [Not Much Time to Develop Culture]
Awareness 2 [Jungle Scouts +2] [Jungle Adapted Scouts]
Bureaucracy 0 [Autocratic Rule]
Craft 0 [Pre-Bronze Age Craft Skills]
Integrity 3 [Extra Wary of Outsiders]
Investigation 0 [Once your Family your Family]
Occult 2 [The Unconquered Sun +1] [Worship the Unconquered Sun Fervently]
Performance 0 [Not very Diplomatic]
Presence 0 [See Above]
Stealth 3 [Well Versed in Keeping Hidden]
War 2 [Guerrilla Tactics +2, Tricks and Traps +2] [And the Use of Abnormal Tactics]
Compassion 1 [Believe in A Dragon Eat Dragon World]
Conviction 6 [Deeply Devoted to Thier Nation]
Temperance 2 [Average Level of Stability]
Valor 2 [Not Overly Agressive]
Virtue Flaw: Conviction
Current Limit: 5
Willpower: 8
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points: 0

Bonus Points Spend On:
Specializaties in Occult [1 points]
Second Dot of War [4 points]
Third Dot of Integrity [4 points]
Specialities in War [4 points]
Specialities in Awareness [2 points]

Resources of Note:
Soft Wood
Hard Wood
Exotic Wood
Tin Ore
Game Animals
Large Game Animals
Natural Fruits
War Animals


Rok’ta is a less a city and more a collection of ragtag survivors who happen to have found a place to dig in, the jungle is harsh and they are under constant assault from their feral brethren but the spirit of the Dragon Kings cannot be broken and they scream fury to the sky forging an outpost from the blood of sacrifices to the Unconquered Sun. The ruins of Rok’ta haven’t been explored at all and the walls are barely holding back the monsters beyond and the nearby volcano is a constant threat but the Rok’tarian’s will never give up.

Cities of Note
Rok’ta [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)


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