Risan of the Seas

Island Traders


Risan of the Seas a Magnitude 3 Dominion [A Commercial Tribunal]
Military: 1 [Underequipt Merchant-Marines]
Government: 2 [Powerful Autocratic Merchants]
Culture: 4 [Cultural Melting Pot]
Awareness 1 [Merchant-Marine Scouts]
Bureaucracy 3 [Complex System of Laws]
Craft 3 (Trade Goods +3, Ships +3) [Very Proficient Ship Builders and Traders]
Integrity 2 [Strictly Enforced Laws]
Investigation 2 [Merchant-Marine Police]
Occult 0 [Disbelieving Populous]
Performance 2 (Trade Negotiations +2) [Skilled Merchant Negotiators]
Presence 2 [Well Apportioned Merchant Ships]
Stealth 0 [Prefer Talking Directly]
War 0 (On the Defense +3) [Only Skilled on the Defense]
Compassion 3
Conviction 3
Temperance 3
Valor 1
Virtue Flaw: Temperance
Current Limit: 1
Willpower: 6
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points:

Bonus Points Spent On:
4th Point in Culture 4
Specialties in Craft 6
Specialties in Performance 2
Specialties in War 3

Resources of Note:
Hard Wood
Farmed Grain
Iron Ore
Trade Goods
Black Jade (Untapped)


Cities of Note:
Risan City [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Skyreach [Magnitude 2 City]
Oceanbreath [Magnitude 2 City]
Waterhome [Magnitude 2 City]

Risan of the Seas

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