The Barbarian Stronghold


Norhaven, a Magnitude 3 Dominion [A Tribal Council]
Military: 4 [Horde of Barabarian Warriors]
Government: 2 [Brotherhood of Tribes]
Culture: 1 [Diverse Tribal Backgrounds]
Awareness 2 [Barbarian Scouts +2] [Extensive Network of Well Trained Scouts]
Bureaucracy 0 [Decentralized Government]
Craft 1 [Simple Crafts for Simple People]
Integrity 0 [Collection of Tribes with No Bond]
Investigation 2 [Detailed Assesments]
Occult 2 [Totem Pact +2] [Skilled Shamans]
Performance 3 [Intimidation +2] [Warlord Diplomats]
Presence 0 [Not Very Developed Empire]
Stealth 2 [Ambushes +2] [Tribal Guerilla Tactics]
War 3 [Horde Tactics +3] [If It Won’t Die, Throw More Men At It]
Compassion 1
Conviction 3
Temperance 1
Valor 5
Virtue Flaw: Valor
Current Limit: 2
Willpower: 8
Bonus Points: 15
External Bonus Points: 0

Bonus Points Spent On:
Specialties in War [3 points]
Specialties in Awareness [2 points]
Specialties in Stealth [2 points]
Specialties in Occult [2 points]
Specialties in Performance [2 points]
Forth Dot of Military [4 points]

Resources of Note:
Hard Wood
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Game Animals
Farmed Grains
Herd Animals

Organizations of Note
Mission School of the Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent


Norhaven is a recently established band of northern barbarian tribes held together by a loose compact and a common reverence for the wildlife of the north, in truth they care little for each other but they have seen the need to band together given the rise of the Icewalkers to the near east and Gethamane and the Haslanti League to the near north. They have plenty of land to expand locally but it is a tough life geopolitically, they live near enough the Lions of the Snow to have to deal with Fae influence but not near enough to be raided by them frequently, but they live not 200 miles from Marama’s Fell and have to deal more often with the walking dead. The Norhaven tribal collection is in for a fight for it’s life, they are surrounded on all sides with strong opponents many of them meta-physically enhanced, but they are vicious fighters that will not go down without a fight.

Cities of Note
Norheim [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Helheim [Magnitude 2 City]
Niflheim [Magnitude 2 City]
Jotunheim [Magnitude 2 City]


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