The Rebels


Chi’n [A Magnitude 3 Dominion] [A Worker’s Rebellion]
Military : 2 [Unorganized Militias]
Government : 2 [Newly Established Organization]
Culture : 3 [Rich An-teng Culture]
Awareness 2 [Spy Network +2] [Deep Infiltration into An-teng]
Bureaucracy 1 [Unstable Laws]
Craft 0 [Hiding in Ruins and Scavenging]
Integrity 3 [Rebel Values +2] [Deep seeded dissent from old ways]
Investigation 2 [Internal Inquiries +1] [Paranoid of internal betrayal]
Occult 2 [Mystics]
Performance 0 [No Centralized Diplomatic Corp]
Presence 0 [See Above]
Stealth 3 [Assassination +3] [Highly trained and motivated assassins]
War 3 [Resolute Fighters +1] [Well equipt and determined fighters]
Compassion 4
Conviction 3
Temperance 1
Valor 3
Virtue Flaw : Compassion
Current Limit : 2
Willpower : 6
Bonus Points : 15
External Bonus Points : 9 [Mountain Traders]

Bonus Points Spent On
Specialties in Stealth [3 Points]
Specialties in Integrity [2 Points]
Specialties in Awareness [2 Points]
Specialties in War [1 Points]
2nd Point of Government [4 Points]
4th Point of Compassion [7 Points]
3rd Point of War [4 Points]
Specialties in Investigation [1 Point]

Resources of Note:
Soft Wood
Exotic Wood
Tin Ore
Copper Ore
Iron Ore
Fire Dust [Traded]
Farmed Grains
Herd Animals
Green Jade


Chi’n is a breakaway nation with the An-teng empire, they have been fighting to establish the right to a more balanced less caste oriented system of living where rewards don’t only go to those with family connections and common man isn’t a small step above a slave. So far they have only been able to gather together common thinking people within ruins and crumbing cities throughout the south-eastern part of An-teng where they have developed a network of spies and infiltrators into the complex hierarchy of An-teng, recently they have suffered a few major failures but their will is just as strong as ever and they hope that the recent trade deals with the traders from the mountains will help them field the fire weapons that will turn the tide back.

Cities of Note
Yulong Ruins [Magnitude 2 City] (Capital)
Xuehua Ruins [Magnitude 2 City]
Xinglou Plateau [Magnitude 2 City]
Honglong Fortress [Magnitude 2 City]


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