The Mandate of the Heavens

Witching Hour

Session 5

Glory to the Unconquered Sun on the 3rd day of Ascending Air, where in many journeys become one. Having recovered Ariana from her hermitage, Marteau and Orichal returned to Goldennight via Ariana’s Stormwind Rider spell to find there had been a second attack, a slightly larger one that had been easily repelled by the extra troops they had brought, only 4 people had died in the attack, and it wasn’t from the invaders but instead was a side effect of an escaped demon running amok in the city, which the council assured would be put down promptly and that the small loss of life was nothing to really worry about in the long run. After trying to use the Stormwind Rider spell to try to catch up to the marauders and failing due to the fact it was almost impossible to see out of the whirlwind, they decided to stay the night in Goldennight, during the night 2 more people were murdered by the demon. Heading out in the morning via horseback to make a better job of searching the trail, the chosen of Sol Invictus encountered an ambush of some 15 men, at least one of which was dragonblooded. Orichal went totemic in an effort to take down the clearly surprised scouting party, managing to take down 7 horses with unerring aim, unfortunately 13 men escaped on the remaining 9 horses, including the dragonblooded soldier. Orichal and Ariana were able to stabilize all the injured men while Marteau went back to Goldennight for medical transport, returning the next day with help Marteau and Orichal decided it was time to check on Helheim and Yggdrasil, and Ariana was eager to see the Altar of the Sun. Arriving at the Altar of the Sun, once again they discovered that their new ally could not pass the gate, and decided to go alone through the gate to the waiting Mikael and Green Sword, finding everyone in Yggdrasil in greats spirits and well fed. The 200 farmers had recovered stone from nearby collapsed farmsteads and rebuilt some rough shelters as well as repairing a section of the irrigation system and corralling some of the livestock. Everyone was happy to see Orichal and Green Sword made indication that no one had come through the large gates in their absence. Thinking it best to be stealthy Orichal and Marteau snuck out the portal entrance to find the farmlands above a barren and snowy wasteland, with dead crops left in the field and the distant fortress oddly quiet. On approach the gates were closed but no response to hail was given, Marteau and Green Sword used their impressive strength to pull open the two large wooden doors to reveal a completely deserted outer town, after encountering and turning to sparkling water what Orichal identified as a cataphract, a type of fairfolk developed solely for war, Orichal and Marteau struck a temporary retreat, to reassess the situation. Mikael returned and let them know there appeared to be people within the inner gate, so they pushed forward to there encountering a stunningly beautiful androgynous creature ridding a horse with 8 legs and 2 heads and staring at the gate to the inner courtyard where the long house was. After trying to communicate to it two pale white lions with flaming manes and flaming tongues paced out of the shadows of the building circling around them as they made their way into the inner sanctum and found that the fairfolk either would not or could not follow them in. Using this to instigate bargaining Orichal managed to get them to retreat but not before they made a final ultimatum “Tribute” was required to prevent this from happening again.


Zaeth Zaeth

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