The Mandate of the Heavens

The Mask and the Sword

Sessions 8+9

Glory to the Unconquered Sun, this the last day before Calibrations fall. Glory to the last fading sun of the year, may his chosen guard the darkness while he rests. Starting out 4 months prior Orichal and Marteau went to investigate Ander’s City where a man named Rico was in charge of the force that had attacked Goldennight these past few months, leaving at the start of winter’s fall they found the trip arduous but using their unique skills they were able to earn their passage to a riverside port in the southern most reaches of the Thousand Kingdoms, where they sold their mounts and booked passage down river to the swampy trading capital of Nexus. Finding Nexus a horrible cesspool of unsavory characters but not the one they were looking for they were once again off to the outpost of Greyfalls, an isolated and distant satrap of the realm. Arriving there without issue they quickly encountered an essence flare which revealed them to the guardians of the outpost as Solars, after an ultimately brief battle in which two Dragonblooded were brutally cut down they escaped on Marteau’s newly learned Stormwind Rider spell to the safety of Ander’s City. After a brief search they found who they were looking for in a midclass tavern called the Cracked Pot, the gentleman named Rico and his bodyguard Andre, both very large men of a certain level of shadiness. Determining that he was the man who had the connections, Marteau worked with Orichal to write up a new contract, which would use Rico’s mercenary army as a border patrol for the southern reaches of Golden Iris, in exchange for a piece of Golden Iris’ rich opium and thaumaturgical resources. Orichal was suprized when he tried to seal the pact with his oathbond, only to find that the pact was already sealed, the light glow of the symbol of the Sun Triumphant blazing to life on Rico’s forehead. They took Andre back to Golden Iris to assess the needs of the nation and report on them back to Rico, along with some papers that Rico had kept in case he needed to blackmail the inside source in Goldennight.

After returning to check on his people Orichal was interrupted by Mikael who lead him through the portal to meet up with the newly exalted Najla. Having explored the last reaches of the new exalts manse Orichal brought her through the gate to meet with Marteau, where in Golden Iris of the Heavens was extremely distraught by stone that Najla brought with her, which was “tainted by the underworld”. After quickly introducing the merchant’s daughter to Orichal’s assistant Green Sword, Marteau suggested that they pray to the unconquered sun whom Najla had seen at her exaltation for guidance, and was granted an image he didn’t quite comprehend, a white mask with a blue swirl in the corner of one eye. Najla quickly recognized it as being the same as the man who had tried to kill her before her exaltation, and they all followed her back through the gate to her manse.

The budding circle was able to determine that there was an entire division of imperial troops in the city, close to 1000 men along with at least 24 dragonblooded commanders, not including the weird men in the masks, of which they now knew of 4, a man in blue with a wavecleaver daiklaive made of blue jade, a man in red with a very large dire lance made of red jade. a man in black with a silverline staff etched with black jade, and a man in green with an oversized large power bow crafted from an unknown green jade alloy. With help still on it’s way from Nexus, Najla decided to scout the leaders of the occupation with her exceptional stealth skills, and after watching a heated conversation between a mirror-calm Man in Blue and a very angry Imperial General followed some men to the Council building in the center of town, where they burst through the door without warning. She retreated back up the hill to the manor where the General was to see if she could collect any papers while the troops were occupied elsewhere when Orichal and Marteau who were waiting in the Guild Hall heard a commotion break out and caught sight of the Council building up in flames and a disciplined force of Imperial troops trying to put it out. There were several casualties in the fire but most of the losses were the documentation and files stored within, there was praise all around for the rapid response of the Imperial troops to the horrible fire, but there was another rumor spread by the guild allies, quickly matching the other in popular opinion that the Imperials actually started the fire. After investigating the fire closer they couldn’t come up with any proof it was the imperials but clearly something was fishy, this is when the letter from Eisan Pearl arrived, written in guild cant, hidden under a letter from a mother figure, he said that he was returning with help as soon as he could, from the guild.

Determining that they needed to act now the trio formulated a plan that would split the army into three pieces and expose at least one of the dragonblooded commanders to capture. Putting their plan into action just before the fall of calibration, all three flared their totemic auras in three different directions, causing widespread panic in the ranks of the imperials who mustered as fast as they could to engage all three monsters they perceived in the darkness. The plan worked perfectly dividing the troops into much smaller groups which were easily ambushed by the Stormwind Rider equipt solar circle. Quickly striking the group was able to knock out a red jade armored man and carry him away before anyone could even retaliate.


Zaeth Zaeth

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