The Mandate of the Heavens


Session 1

Glory to the Unconquered Sun, on the 22nd of Descending Fire, in the Realm Year 768, reborn into the world was one of his chosen when the mantle of his priesthood was bestowed upon the Ghost-blooded Marteau who in defending the right of the dead against impossible odds proved the strength of his heart and his worthiness to hold the Mandate of Heaven. Pursued by Dragonblooded and perhaps a whole Wyld Hunt he fled to the only place he felt would be safe the graveyard-city of Sijan where still blazing from his exaltation he encountered a friendly priest who shuffled him into a nearby crypt and slammed the door behind him. Trapped and unsure Marteau was pursued into a hidden hallway by the Dragonblooded, his friend yelling once last thing before going silent. “Hit the wall”; He did and cast the Dragonblooded into somewhere that defied logical explanation, his pursuers delayed he made his way into the hidden room under the crypt to find a shimmering sheet of water suspended upright in the center of a ring mounted on a pedestal. Seeing no other way of escape he lept into the ring and found himself in a collapsing structure a nearly identical ring empty of water behind him. Exploring into the structure he found a odd room filled with silver chafe and an interesting room filled with blackness so dark that even his solar caste mark couldn’t illuminate it, floating within was a white crystal that beckoned to him.


Zaeth Zaeth

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