The Mandate of the Heavens

Nexus and Other Exotic Locales

Session 6

Glory to the Unconquered Sun and all his Children on this day the 2nd of Resplendent Air one of his chosen has been reborn into creation, not of heroics or compassion but of need was borne Najla, Night’s guardian. Having been given a mission by her guild contact to investigate on of the ruins outside of Tiber’s Pass Najla brought only one of her organization with her to the ruins indicated where she found a man in a blue hooded cloak conversing in High Realm with a wall, unable to understand what he was saying she tried to get a better look at his face sneaking around to find that he was wearing a full mask, pure white with a red swirl coming from one eye. The man was alerted to their presence escaping away with who ever he was talking with surprising and incapacitating Najla’s ally in the process. Returning to the ruins carrying her ally Najla was able to find a mask that appeared to be exactly like the one the man was wearing on the far side of the wall, going to show the mask to her ally, she was surprised to see the man had returned, the battle to follow was very one sided, the man intent on killing her, the last thing she remembers before blacking out is the tip of the man’s blue jade wavecleaver piercing the center of her chest, and the sound of a woman screaming. In the shadows of her dying mind she meet a man with 4 arms who offered her a place in the world and a purpose to fulfill, she took his hand and awoke, rubbing her chest where the sword should have pierced her she was greeted by the dead body of her ally and the arrival of 4 more of her allies, who seemed awestruck and fearful of the giant mouse who raised from the pool of golden sunlight surrounding Najla. Najla looked over her shoulder to see what they were afraid of and knew what she had become, she had heard the stories of the bogeymen of the night, the Solar exalted who were terrible demons that possessed unclean spirits and made them commit horrible atrocities, she managed to calm two of her allies enough to get them to carry the corpse of their friend back into town, while the other two ran screaming ‘Anathema’ and Najla retreated to the safety of ruins she was certain others wouldn’t search.
Her anima retreated Najla made her way back into town, getting information on what was happening from merchants along the road, it seemed that the wyld hunt had been called and that everyone was looking for her, but with her new found power staying hidden wasn’t hard at all, a little mundane disguise got her into city past guards not looking for a stray street child. Inside the city she found the tension high, there was debate over what should be done about the solar, if the Immaculate Order was on a witch hunt or not. Najla made a dead drop for her guild contact and was sneaking back to her cheap lodgings when she almost ran into a Dragon-blooded patrol and ducked into a building, a building in the center of town she had never noticed before. It gave her pause, as she was certain she would have noticed this building before, having walked by it hundreds of times, but it seemed empty and no one seemed to be paying attention to it at all, and if the state of the furniture in this room meant anything, it hadn’t seen use for hundreds of years. She explored the structure finding a collapsing staircase going up, which she was sure would collapse at a light sneeze, and a staircase carved into the earth heading down to a black door. Examining the door closer she saw it had the symbol for rat or mouse written on it in gold lettering and used a mote of essence to open it once she was sure there were no traps on it, the room behind the door was in much better shape than the building she had just come from although completely dark and in a very odd style, all pointed blacked metals, dark woods, and red cushioned Gothic style furniture, a far cry from anything she was used to. The first room appeared to be an entrance hall of some sort with hooks for hanging coats and plush furniture for waiting and on the far side a door that looked exactly like the one she had just come through, hesitantly she activated the far door, at which point the door behind her closed, the one in front of her not opening till it finished, the room opening into a surreal scene, it was a lavish room in the same style of the one she had just come from but for one very confusing point, the room seemed to be upside down, and gravity didn’t seem to have a problem with that, the candelabra was hanging up from the floor and the furniture was contently sitting on the ceiling, she quickly made her way to the door on the far side, trying not to think too hard about it. The next room was no less confusing, there were sharp toothed fish swimming around the room, the room wasn’t filled with water or anything but the fish were just swimming lazily around the air, even more confusing was the windows to this room seemed to look out on a deep sea filled with contently flying tropical birds, after bapping a fish over the head for looking too interested in how she might taste, she made a quick exit from this weird room and right into another.


Zaeth Zaeth

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