The Mandate of the Heavens

Nation Divided

Session 7

Glory to the Unconquered Sun on this the month of Ascending Air, in which the seeds of change were planted. Using Ariana’s stormwind rider spell as transport Marteau took six women of the Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent to Norhaven to establish a school, the women were appalled at what they found, girls who couldn’t even write in their native language much less old realm. They quickly got together all of the young girls and any boys who wanted to listen in, cause the lack of overall education in Norhaven was just unthinkable to someone from Golden Iris. In return Orichal sent 3 of his barbarian warriors to Golden Iris where they were suitably appalled by the weak men and utter lack of any sort of warrior caste. On orders from Orichal they established a training grounds near the guard barracks where they are currently trying to bulk up some of the men while laughing at their utter lack of skills. Both groups are having a hard time adjusting to the others culture, being so different the women of Golden Iris could not truly understand why anyone would not teach these girls basic language skills and the men of Norhaven could not truly understand why so much deference is given to the women of Golden Iris, as they don’t look like they could even wield a blade, and why any woman would ever want a man as weak as the men they are laughing at on the training fields.

After establishing this trading of ideas they pushed forward to a more pressing matter, the recent and continuing attacks on Goldenheart. They went to Goldenheart and tried to figure out exactly who was controlling the attacks, and to what purpose. They determined that it was likely that who ever was attacking was after the book that is used to record the Eugenics data for the entire kingdom, and that this meant that the culprit was likely someone within Goldenheart itself. On this idea they made a sortie into the Hundred Kingdoms to an unknown city where they encountered a magistrate who attempted to sell them out to Realm spies within the city, with little effort they managed to kill the magistrate and escape back across the border into Golden Iris, with little more information than they started with. Returning home they came up with a plan to trap the inside informant, by setting up an ambush of a fake messenger, they were able to capture three men who they quickly brought to Iridaceae where they were interogated and found to be part of a mercanary organization out of the hundred kingdoms city of Ander run by a man named Rico. As Orichal went home to check on his nation he was interrupted by the portal opening on it’s own once again, this time leading to a face to face with Najla


Zaeth Zaeth

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