The Mandate of the Heavens

Enter Yggdrasil

Session 3

Glory to the Unconquered Sun on this the 23rd and 24th days of Descending Fire, where in the great city-manse Yggdrasil was restored onto it’s owner Orichal and into his service was rendered the terrestrial Green Sword. The days began with a decent into the great layers of Yggdrasil where in the subtle blessings of Sextes Jylis maintained a pleasant temperature as our great heroes investigated the collapsing structures of what was once a great city, descending layer by layer through farm and city and forest till they reached the base of the great tree and went inside, claiming the Stone of Resilient Bamboo for it’s rightful owner and bedding down to rest after the long and arduous journey which involved an encounter with a very large snow tiger of whom they removed one eye from before it sunk back into the deep forests. In the morning they ascended the structure to find that their exploits had been watched by eager townsfolk and that their actions had elicited a response from a cowardly herald and his guard. After deftly and completely denying the heralds request to bring him to audience with the current ruler of Helheim, the herald thinking better of confrontation with two of the sun’s chosen beat a hasty retreat, but for one of his number the mute giant Green Sword who offered his blade to Orichal, who would not accept it, wishing to test his new ally before accepting him to service.


Zaeth Zaeth

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