The Mandate of the Heavens

Enter the Solars

Session 2

Glory to the Unconquered Sun, On the 22nd of Descending Fire Marteau, Zenith Caste Chosen of the Sun, explored further the Altar of the Sun seeking a way to get at the hearthstone floating in the middle of the black room. While searching the manse he found an oricalcum dire lance which he used to push the stone into reach and activate what was left of the manse’s power. Having figured that the gate might get him back to find out if his friend was okay he proceeded to test out the gate and in the process met Golden Iris of the Heavens the manse’s sentience, who was less than complete in light of her horrible damage. He still managed to activate the gate back to Sijan, where he popped out face to face with his Dragonblooded pursuers, after a short battle he retreated back through the gate to lick his wounds, passing out in the manse and awakening to a odd kitten on his head and went to explore the area nearby, receiving a warm greeting within the city of Iridaceae and it’s Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificant, making a good impression on the current ruler of Golden Iris, Aimee Song and her witches, who agreed to help him find out if his friend in Sijan was okay and make a path back up to the Altar of the Sun. Arriving back in the Altar of the Sun he noticed that the ring was once again filled with shimmering liquid, and he decided to jump through it once again.

Glory to the Unconquered Sun, today on the 23rd of Descending Fire saw the rebirth of a Solar soul, Orichal having been imprisoned for 8500 days and nights with the free hold of the Lions of the Snow, was freed in accordance with a non-aggression treaty with the Lions of the Snow, only to find out he had been held captive for more than 60 years in the world beyond the freehold. On his way back to Helheim he encountered a caravan of slavers bringing a cart full of slaves to trade with the Fae, and he learned that the person he had left in charge of Helheim had been trading slaves for riches with the Lions of the Snow. He proved his worth in the eyes of the Sun Immortal when he faced the slavers on his own to save the souls of the slaves from the horrible fate they were destine for in the clutches of the Fair Folk. Following his exaltation he freed the slaves who let him know of the horrible mismanagement that his nation had seen since his departure. He followed the people back to his home jarldom of Helhiem where he met with an new old friend, Mikhael the Raven, a child sized talking raven who lead him to a door deep into the earth where he ran face first into Marteau.


Zaeth Zaeth

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