The Mandate of the Heavens

Changing Tides

Session 4

Glory to the Unconquered Sun, now in the 27th day of Descending Earth, for his chosen have gained the services of another ally, Ariana, the witch of the woods. In a venture that began with the introduction of Orichal to the people of Golden Iris and the introduction of Marteau to the High Magi of the Order of the Golden Iris Most Magnificent, the chosen of the sun decided that it was in their best interest to survey the lands under their control and began a progressus through the cities that make up the nation of Golden Iris. After visiting the first city outside the capital Marteau discovered something slightly disturbing, the technology that was present in the Golden Iris cities was powered by large collections of bound demons, and when confronting the women in private about this they admitted that, that was how they powered all the essence equipment and that the few lives that were sacrificed every year in the complex rituals that bound the demons were a small price to pay. The travel to the third city was uneventful and they soon found themselves on the road to the last city, where they seemed to encounter many failures of their carts, wheels running off on their own for no reason at all. After closer examination they found that the stone within the road had been drawn with simple but annoy hexes and were told by one of the Order that it was likely the work of the witch that lived in the wood. Marteau was able to observe little imp like demons that scattered when ever he seemed to show interest in them. When they arrived at the final town they learned that it had just recently been attacked and several of it’s buildings burnt, fearing more attacks Orichal suggested they rally the troops along the burnt buildings in ambush for attackers that might return, wanted to make sure that no one else was hurt. Orichal spent the night in the central building to protect the largest concentration of people, while Marteau stayed in the burnt lands as backup for the defenders, but the only thing that ‘attacked’ was a single imp who was deftly pierced with a spear leaving a gooey mess on the scroll it was carrying, which contained only a set of coordinates. Having determined that the troops were enough to defend the city against any assault that had gauged their power much weaker that the newly arrived honor guard, the two solars set out to the location and found the quaint home of Ariana the exiled witch, who had been living in the woods for 800 years, conserving her energy through ritual magic, sealing away all but her most basic magic to allow her to live in peace. After convincing her that Golden Iris might be changing, becoming different and might be ready for her return, she shed her magics and returned to her younger self, weaker in spirit but stronger in resolve.


Zaeth Zaeth

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